green_investment_creditshutterstockInvestment services

Investment services include professional portfolio management ranging from cds, mutual funds, individual stocks and bonds, annuities and other appropriate investments. Your investments will be managed to help meet your goals.





Savings plans

Savings plans need attention these days as well. We can help find safe money alternatives that meet your needs.



Insurance planning

Insurance planning including life, long term disability income and long term care insurance. Which type is right for you? We are an independent agency allowing us to help you obtain the insurance you need with the approriate company.


Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Planning includes many issues that can have a big impact on your future- how you fund your retirement, draw your pension, chose to take your Social Security payments, chosing which investment to draw from at what times can all have a big impact on your ability to meet your goals.    Let us help educate you on how these decisions can affect you.


Major Purchases

Major Purchases How you fund paying for cars, education, weddings or even credit card debt can lead you to unknowingly and unnecessarily transferring away money that can be used by you in your future.



Estate Planning

Efficient transfer of your assets to future generations and charities. 25 Documents you should have before you die.





Small Businesses

Efficiently using your money to fund your business needs, your retirement and employee benefits.





College Funding

Your kids are ready for college. Are you?






Special Needs Planning

Taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves. As a father of two children with special needs this area is dear to my heart.





Planning is our focus. Together we can find answers to your questions. Having worked with a wide range of clients including many members of the Massachusetts Medical Society and blue collar workers, we have the experience and resources to help you understand your financial future.

Securities and investment advisory services are offered solely through Ameritas Investment Corp. (AIC). Member FINRA/SIPC. AIC and Arlex Wealth Management are not affiliated. Additional products and services may be available through Arlex Wealth Management that are not offered through AIC.

This is not an offer of securities in any jurisdiction, nor is it specifically directed to a resident of any jurisdiction. As with any security, request a prospectus from your registered representative. Read it carefully before you invest or send money. Security products are limited to residents of Massachusetts.
Representatives of AIC do not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax advisor or attorney regarding your situation.

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