Additional Videos (5 to 10 minutes)


The above video focuses on providing a more in depth introduction to life insurance. The “10 minute lesson” includes valuable information for those seeking further details on how life functions as well as the history of it.


This video defines the “Circle Of Wealth” and identifies the three types of money this idea is composed of. It also explains the philosophy behind the Circle of Wealth and how you can adopt it into your own financial life.


The video above uses the game of golf as a metaphor for financial strategies and decisions. The decisions you have to make when playing golf closely mirror those you may be faced with financially as well.


This video explains how to best prepare for the financial implications of paying for your child’s college education. It includes some helpful tips and steps to begin your planning process today.


The video above is centered around mortgages and loans. It serves to introduce individuals to the options they have when applying for loans as well as how to approach managing and paying your mortgage. The video accomplishes this through showing viewers three hypothetical mortgage situations and walking them through which one is most ideal.


This video illustrates how the “Personal Economic Model” views the flow of money. It identifies how to find a balance between taking risks and playing it safe with your money.


The above video highlights the “8th wonder of the world” otherwise known as compound interest. It introduces viewers to the fundamentals of compound interest and how it can be utilized.


This video provides a detailed introduction to Qualified Plans. It highlights common mistakes individuals make when dealing with any related qualified plans and helpful tips on how to overcome these obstacles.


This video is focused on the financial implications of retirement. It is centered around planning and implementing financial strategies to ensure viewers are ready for retirement.


The video above explains how your personal bank is more effective than any standard bank you are currently a part of. The introduction is meant to educate viewers on the difference between finance and banking and how to be successful with both.