College Funding

Focused on College Funding In 2015, nearly 75% of college freshmen said cost was an important factor in selecting a school, while more than 20% said they turned down their first choice because they could not afford to attend.1 If one of your financial priorities is helping your family cover escalating college costs, you may […]

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How Much Cash Should You Keep?

How Much Cash Should You Keep? Keeping cash under a mattress may be an outdated idea, but it’s important to include cash or cash alternatives in your financial strategy. The amount of cash you need — and where to keep it — depends on your situation. To some extent, it’s a balancing act between short-term […]

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Update: Social Security And Medicare

Social Security and Medicare Update: 2016 Trustees Reports The fiscal challenges facing Social Security and Medicare have been well publicized, but many Americans may not be aware of the facts behind the headlines. Each year, the Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds release detailed reports to Congress on the current financial condition […]

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