Retirement Planning

How you fund your retirement, draw your pension, chose to take your Social Security payments, and choosing which investments to draw from at what times can all have a big impact on your ability to meet your goals. Learn how these decisions will affect you.

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Insurance Planning

Life, long term disability income, or long term care insurance… Which type is right for you? As an independent agency, we are able to educate you on these decisions as well as help you obtain the insurance you need with the best company for the job.

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Savings Plans

Whether its saving for a new home, college, retirement, or another big life event, it is important to protect your money. We can educate you on safe money alternatives, to protect your assets and help you reach your savings goals on time.

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Investment Services

Learn to grow your assets through professional portfolio management. Ranging from cds, mutual funds, individual stocks and bonds, annuities and other appropriate investments, your investments will be managed to help meet your goals.

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Are You Ready For Retirement?

Is your retirement adequately funded? Do you know how to effectively leverage your social security, pension, and other assets? It is important you are completely educated on all these life decisions and are making the right choices. Are you ready?

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About Arlex Wealth Management

Arlex Wealth Management is an independent financial management agency located in Lexington, MA, serving the greater Middlesex County. We are dedicated to working with individuals looking to intelligently grow and protect their assets. We work with you to help insure your assets are not unknowingly and unnecessarily lost. How you fund major purchases or fund your retirement can have a big impact on your future- no matter when you start. There is no need to work your whole life to save thousands of dollars towards retirement, to only find out you have unnecessarily lost large sums of it along the way! We offer zero-obligation free consultations, where we will work through your finances, one step at a time. We are a completely independent agency, truly invested in the well being of our clients. We will work hard to help insure your finances are properly planned, and invested.

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At Arlex, We Offer Zero-Obligation Free Consultations

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